About Us – Notariskantoor Moerdijk & Palm

Notariskantoor Moerdijk & Palm is the successor of Notariskantoor Eshuis, a Curaçao Civil Law Notary’s office with a both nationally and internationally acclaimed reputation, founded and made to what it is today by former Civil Law Notary Mr. A.M.P. Eshuis and Mr. Bianca Eshuis, currently Of Counsel and trusted advisor to the firm.

Civil Law Notaries are an integral part of the Curaçao legal system. They act as delegates of the State and have the status of public office holder. Their primary objective is to confer authenticity on the legal instruments and contracts they establish for their clients in areas of law as diverse as corporate law, real estate transactions, family law, authenticating of personal documents, acknowledgments of deeds etc.

The authentic instrument or notarial deed is the result of a complex process, during which the Civil Law Notary will inform and advise clients on the legal, financial and tax consequences of their projects, and on the legal instruments that are best placed to achieve them. They have to make sure the authentication process has been fully respected: that the authenticated instrument respects the wishes of its signatories, their identity, their legal capacity, and the date and content of their undertakings.

An authentic instrument or notarial deed has similar value to a judgment and cannot be contested, except by judicial means. Authentic instruments have a much stronger probative value than private instruments.

Unlike notaries public, their common-law counterpart, Civil Law Notaries and Deputy Civil Law Notaries, are trained and licensed legal professionals with a Masters Degree in law (LL.M.).

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